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Wed Oct 7 16:59:53 UTC 2009

Anna Dresner has written many books concerned with the subject of technology. On our show tonight, she will discuss social networking,  the subject of the book she is writing presently in which she explains twitter, facebook, and linked in.  How can we use Ipods and mp3 players more effectively? Is it possible for a visually impaired person to use something with a flat screen? What are her plans for the future? In the world of computers and technical information, an author's job is never done. Progress takes place so quickly that updates to previous books are often needed very quickly.  How does she do research? Does she have concerns about computers and how they affect our communication with each other? How did she become interested in and so dedicated to sharing technical information? What is her mission?

Before embarking on her  writing career, Anna worked for a rehabilitation center teaching Braille and computer techniques. Before moving to Kansas, she worked  at the Carroll Center in Massachusetts. This background acquainted her with needs of computer users. In addition to technical writing, Anna has written books on magic tricks, organizing a first apartment and other independent living skills unique to us. 

In her spare time, she enjoys chess and knitting. The mother of an 8 year old boy, she and her husband live in Pittsburg, Kansas. 

Books and Beyond will take place at 8 p.m. eastern time tonight, October 7. Please dial the following number and arrive about ten to 8 eastern time in order that we may all become acquainted with one another.

phone: 218-844-3388. Put in the code 26657 and press the pound key. As always, questions will be welcome. We will mute phones during the interview part of the show for recording purposes, but we welcome questions during the second portion. I know this will be an informative show and hope to see you there. Anna has an innate ability to explain technology and computers few others have. Join us for an hour that will add to your knowledge. 

Below is a list of books written by Anna Dresner. Although some are no longer available, this will provide you with a range of subjects she has written about during a prolific career. 

Anna Dresner is one of National Braille Press's most popular - and prolific! - authors. She's written, adapted and compiled books for us since 1999, on
topics as varied as technology, living independently, and even magic tricks!

Don't forget to check
Anna's blog
from time to time, where she posts updates to her technology books, and discusses the latest trends in access technology:
NBP Book Updates.
List of 23 items
Technology - General
. It's Not On the Keyboard! Typing Special Characters and Foreign Languages in Word
. A Pocketful of Sound: A Quick-Start and Buyer's Guide to Accessible Book and Music Players
. Blog On! Reading and Writing Blogs with a Screen Reader
. Braille.com and Beyond: How to Get Around a Website
. Finding eBooks on the Internet, Second Edition - Temporarily out of print.
. Google It! A Guide to the World's Most Popular Search Engine
(with Jonathan Mosen)
. The Ipod Experience: Gaining Access to the iPod Shuffle - OUT OF PRINT
Technology - Keyboard Commands
. Excel 2007 Keyboard Commands
. Outlook 2007 Keyboard Commands
. PowerPoint 2007 Keyboard Commands
. Word 2007 Keyboard Commands
. Office XP Keyboard Commands
. Internet Explorer 8 with Jaws and Window-Eyes
. Windows Vista Keyboard Commands
. Windows XP Keyboard Commands
. Eudora 6.1 with Jaws and Window-Eyes
. Sound Editors: Soundforge 8.0 and Goldwave 5.1
Other Subjects
. My First Bag of Tricks
(adaptation - kit including six magic tricks and print/Braille instructions,)
. Twelve Amazing Tricks
(adaptation - tricks you can do with everyday items, no props included)
. The Period Book: Everything You Don't Want to Ask, But Need to Know
. Real U Guide to Your First Apartment
. Real U Guide to Your First Job
. Real U Guide to Bank Accounts and Credit Cards
list end
 an hour filled with information you can use. 

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