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Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 17 14:07:30 UTC 2009

Hi Sam. Welcome back to the world of the living if not the world of the pain free. I will send your note to the list because I know so many of us love and are concerned about you.


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        Gary, Good evening sir, I meant to send this earlier but I sleep allot right now with the medicines. Thank you so so much for putting the news out for my N.F.B. friends they always have been like an extension of my own family. I have received several good wishes from it. I had two follow up appointments today. The back is actually better in a way. New pictures show no breaks or cracks. All the muscles and bones are severely bruised. Which is very painful and takes awhile to heal.I have one broken rib on the right side, and bruised the rest on the same side. The scan of my head was still abnormal.So they are still very concerned. Follow-up appointment next week, no action any rougher then sneezing is what the doctor said. Anyway thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
        your friend, Sam 

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