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danflasar at aol.com danflasar at aol.com
Mon Oct 26 17:37:54 UTC 2009

Hi Fred,
   This really was a fun post - I'm not a car geek but I enjoyed this 
fellows obvious enthusiasm for his vocation.
     I wanted to let you know that I had a bad bike accident with anothe 
cyclist a week ago in Forest Park.  He's fine, and I am too, now, but I 
went flying 10 feet or so and got banged up a bit.  Nothing broken, no 
fractures and no
tears or serious injury but I sure feel  sore and stiff.    I'm getting 
back into my activities but I've not done a whole lot for the last week.
     I'm going to try to contact the Board of Elections regarding the 
issue of people not being aware of how to work the accessible voting 
systems but it won't make much of a difference for this election.
    BTW, there are two important propositions coming up next Tuesday - 
one of them is a request to pay for the necessary equipment changes for 
all first-responders (firemen, police, etc.) to standardize on one 
frequency so that in regional
emergencies, they can coordinate on the same wavelength.  We all know 
what happened in New York after 911 because of incompatible systems.
    The other is Proposiiton N, which is a county-wide smoking ban for 
some businesses.  Essentially, all restaurants and public buildings 
will be smoke-free, but some bars anc clubs that don't offer a 
siginificant amount of food have 5  years to
adapt to non-smoking status.  It's not as strong as I would like but it 
will make a big difference. The City passed a similar ordinance last 
week but it is contingent on the counnty passing Prop N.  I hope you 
can make it to the
polls next Tuesday -  I'll be setting up signs at local polling places 
for Prop N.
    What's new?

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