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Wed Apr 7 19:05:13 UTC 2010

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Subject: Action needed

Hello Gary:

Can you please forward.

Hello Everyone:

The Senate Appropriations committee is doing Mark up on the Department budget bills.

We need to contact the Committee members and encourage them to keep the funding for the Blindness skills specialist program.

Below is the list of committee members; the ones that do not have an email listed  take only emails from people who live in their district.

In that event there is no email address the best way would be to give them a call.

Rob Mayer

573 751 3859

Rob.Mayer at senate.mo.gov

Kurt Schaefer

573 751 3931

Tom Dempsey

573 751 1141

tom.dempsey at senate.mo.gov

Jim  Lembke

573 751 2315

David Pearce

573 751 2272

Chuck Purgason

573 751 1882

chuck.purgason at senate.mo.gov

Scott Rupp

573 751 1282

Frank Barnitz

573 751 2108

frank.barnitz at senate.mo.gov

Joan Bray

573 751 2514

jbray at senate.mo.gov 

Tim Green

573 751 2420
 timothy_green at senate.mo.gov

Yvonne Wilson

573 751 9758

Yvonne.Wilson at senate.mo.gov 

If you have  any questions please give me a call.

Thank You

Brian Wekamp

573 635 6943

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