[Nfbmo] Nat. Hwy & Traffic Safety Administration on quiet cars

Fred Olver goodfolks at charter.net
Thu Apr 8 19:17:06 UTC 2010

For the past year the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) has 
studied the impact of hybrid and electric vehicles on blind and visually 
impaired pedestrians.

Earlier this week NHTSA released phase I of a study entitled Quieter Cars 
and the Safety Of Blind Pedestrians.

NHTSA's findings confirm what we in the blind community have known for 
years. Hybrid and electric vehicles traveling at low speeds are extremely 
difficult to identify due to the lack of sound emission. The NHTSA report 
says "This research provides information to better understand the safety 
risk to blind pedestrians associated with the acoustic profiles of quieter 
cars in various

maneuvers and ambient sound conditions."

ACB along with NFB, Representative Towns's office, and  the Society of 
Automotive Engineers have met with NHTSA about the study and its progress 5 
times over the last 12 months. Phase II of the study is expected to begin 
later this summer and is expected to focus on sound emission standards.

The link to NHTSA's full report is at the end of this message. This is a 
long and detailed report but I encourage those who are interested to read 
the executive summary.

Eric .


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