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Did you see this. The Senate is proposed a reduction of $1,044 in the BSS /BTF funding. It doesn't seem like much of a cut but anything is a threat and leaves it on the table for the conference committee to tamper with. That would put it going to the Senate Floor at $236,906.


To fund the 3 positions that are filled, we need $225,000. The Governor always puts an immediate across the board percentage as a withhold. At the current funding a five percent withhold would put DESE in the position of eliminating all BTF or one BSS position. My bet is they would choose to lay off one of the BSS. Especially if the Governor's withhold is above five percent which is not unusual.







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The Senate Appropriations Committee wrapped up budget deliberations last week, and the full Senate is expected to take up the budget bills this week.  All together, the committee made reductions of $506 million from the FY2011 budget proposed in January due to the drop in state revenues.  By the end of the current fiscal year that ends June 30th, revenues will have dropped by about $1.3 billion less than the amount received by the state two years ago.  Among some of the changes made in committee:


Developmental Disabilities:  There was a 10% reduction in funds for crisis services for non-Medicaid eligible families of children who have developmental disabilities.  The 10% cut also was applied to substance abuse and some psychiatric services for individuals not eligible for Medicaid coverage.  There were also reductions in the amount that had been proposed for caseload growth.  The Department of Mental Health is proposing closure of the Nevada Habilitation Center with clients to be shifted to group home or other settings.  Funding that had been proposed to expand the autism waiver was not approved in either the House or Senate budget proposals.


Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:

Independent Living Centers

Perfected in House:  $3,188,838 (GR)

Senate Committee:  Reduced by approx. $650,000 (GR)


Blind Literacy Task Force and Blind Skills Specialists:

 Perfected in House = $237,950 (GR)

Senate Committee:  Reduced by $1,044 (GR)


Readers for the Blind

            Perfected in House = $25,000 (GR)

            Senate Committee = Same.


Sheltered Workshops

            Perfected in House = $24,786,000 (GR)

Senate Committee:  reduced by $795 (GR)


Differences between House and Senate budgets will be resolved in House/Senate conference committees once the budget passed the full Senate.  Again, the full Senate is expected to take up the budget bills this week.



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