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Sun Aug 1 20:51:02 UTC 2010

 I sent this along for people who are diabetic or who want to know more
about how to cope with the disease when one is blind.
as a person who is blind.
 ProdigyR Listens & ProdigyR Acts!


                As I attend the National Blind Association Trade Shows
across the country I am hearing from leaders, the medical community, and
everyday people that are coming together to form ONE VOICE that will not be
ignored! Dr. Marc Maurer, President of the NFB, announced that the NFB voted
to make it an NFB priority to mandate that CMS, private MCOs, and retail
chain stores make accessible diabetes products available on their
formularies and in their stores. This includes the NFB and AFB Access Award
winning ProdigyR VoiceT meter and test strips as well as the accessible
insulin delivery devices ProdigyR makes, the  Prodigy Count-a-doseR, and the
upcoming new accessible ProdigyR products the ProdigyR IQ PatchT, and the
audible ProdigyR IQ PumpT that will be available the first quarter of 2011.
(See our website: www.prodigymeter.com <http://www.prodigymeter.com/>   Low
Vision Center)


                ProdigyR will also make available a new training DVD "Tools
and Techniques for Managing Diabetes Non- Visually".  Produced and directed
by renowned Blind Industries and Services of Maryland (BISM). This DVD
demonstrates the skills for living well with diabetes using non-visual
techniques. Instruction is presented by Lynn Baillif, MS, RD, LDN, CDE, a
blind diabetes educator, and includes a demonstration on how to use the
ProdigyR VoiceT and Prodigy Count-a-doseR products. 


                 ProdigyR will make this unique DVD training aid available
to all ProdigyR customers at no charge.  Anticipated completion date August

I would like to take a moment to briefly introduce the new accessible
products we have coming 1st quarter 2011. The ProdigyR IQ PatchT will be the
most convenient method of insulin delivery available, and it is completely
different from anything currently available. The ProdigyR IQ PatchT is
extremely easy to use, virtually pain free, and most important of all it
will be fully accessible to the blind or visually impaired. 


The ProdigyR IQ PumpT will be the first fully audible insulin pump. It will
be controlled by a touch screen remote which has a built in audible glucose
meter, and it will give users the ability to take advantage of better
diabetes control with pump therapy and total independence. 


Please contact me or Bernadette Jacobs at 410-455-5311
bandbjacobs at verizon.net with any questions you may have.


.         If you are going to the AADE Show please call me to set up a time
to meet or stop by the ProdigyT Booth 4107 and ask for Jerry. I will look
forward to seeing you there!




Here to Help,



Jerry Munden (Living well with Type I for 30+ years ... and you can too!)

Vice President of Business Development

Prodigy Diabetes Care, LLC

Phone: 704-285-6454   Fax: 704-285-6495

Email:  <mailto:jerrym at prodigymeter.com> jerrym at prodigymeter.com

Web:  <http://www.prodigymeter.com/> www.prodigymeter.com


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                                           ProdigyR IQ PumpT
ProdigyR IQ PumpT                   






ProdigyR Wins National Access Awards from the NFB & AFB!



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