[Nfbmo] FW: Urgent

Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 12 21:58:24 UTC 2010


If you or someone you know only received $651.00 in Blind Pension or
Supplemental Aid to the Blind this month call your caseworker and/or their
supervisor yesterday Inquire about the amount of the payment and insist that
the problem be resolved. . It could be that your case is about to close very
soon due to some real problem or computer issue. Do not let up until you are
satisfied with the result. But, please keep two things in mind. Better
results are reached if you remain firm but polite and second FSD is
incredibly understaffed.

The two cases I have looked into so far each had very bad problems. One was
closed on July 30 and then re-opened but the computer then requested
excessive information and still working to clear that up. Second case is due
to close Monday unless the person takes very quick action. So, please
follow-up with caseworker and makes notes of all contact.


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