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Although I have never ran cross-country, I did run the mile-run while at a 
school for the blind. My partner and I used a towel between us, and he had 
some functional vision. I did not. If your son is going to be running 
cross-country then perhapse he could run with a partner infront of him. It 
seems to me that if one would have a difficult time looking down and running 
at the same time that this might prove to be a workable alternative. Of 
course the more of a field restriction that one has might make the 
proposition more difficult.

Fred Olver
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Okay Roman wants to run cross country in middle school this year. From what 
I remember when my brother ran cross country (30 years ago) they ran alot at 
golf courses and the way was chalked. I just got off the phone with the 
coach and have some questions for you all.

Sometimes when they practice they are on uneven ground. Okay, I don't think 
it will be a problem as we are in the country and Roman runs around here all 
the time. Yes, sometimes he falls but he usually just somersalts and then 
comes right back up running. I know he dosen't have the best vision, but he 
really likes to run. But sometimes they run on the road and downtown. While 
he might fall down in uneven ground, I am much more worried about curbs and 
such. They run in packs usually and so he would be with someone, but does he 
take his cane? Wont it get in the way. But can he depend on someone to call 
out "curb, ditch, or step"? I don't really know how to go about this. Taking 
his can would definately slow him down and he dosen't want to take it. He is 
extremely adaptable and runs out here in the country with me without it, but 
then it is just the two of us and I warn him about tree roots and such.

Does anyone out there run cross country or know of anyone that does that 
could help us? We really need some pointers.

Thank you in advance;
Rosina and Roman

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