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Transfer/Promotional Opportunity

February 9, 2010

Senior Services Specialist for the Blind 1
Rehabilitation Teacher

Provide those services necessary to help 
individuals who are blind or visually impaired 
develop the confidence and skills needed to 
independently and competently participate in 
their families, communities, and occupations of 
choice.  Provide services on an outreach basis, 
covering the northwest and north central portion 
of Iowa. Work primarily with older individuals 
and with individuals who have significant 
co-disabilities.  Assess needs to determine 
services that will best serve the individual and 
work with the individual to develop and implement 
a plan to meet identified needs. Provide 
instruction in the alternative techniques of 
blindness (including Braille, travel with the 
long white cane, use of assistive technology, 
home management, and leisure 
activities).  Provide guidance and counseling 
about vision loss to promote a positive 
adjustment to blindness.  Assist individuals 
access various community resources by providing 
information and referral services, and advocacy.

Follow prescribed case management practices and 
provide narrative reports inclusive of need 
assessments, plans to meet identified needs, 
rationale for service decisions, description of 
services provided, and results 
achieved.  Coordinate and facilitate agency 
services such as library services and training in 
the Adult Orientation and Adjustment 
Center.  Work in tandem with the vocational 
rehabilitation counselor to support clients in 
the pursuit of their vocational goals.

Provide consultation and in-service training to 
other agencies so they can better serve their 
clients who are blind. Deliver presentations to 
civic, social, and professional organizations to 
increase awareness about department services and 
promote a positive philosophy of 
blindness.  Assist  with other department outreach activities.
Must possess highly developed teaching and 
counseling skills, good public speaking and 
writing skills, excellent organizational skills, 
and excellent judgment. Must possess the 
abilities to handle sensitive situations, solve 
problems, and work as a member of a 
team.  Intensive training in appropriate skills 
and attitudes of blindness will be provided. Must 
possess knowledge of or be able to learn 
effective alternative techniques of blindness, 
particularly in the areas of communications, 
travel with a long white cane, and home and 
personal management. Extensive travel with some 
evenings, overnights, and weekends. Domiciled in 
north west or north central Iowa.
Minimum qualifications are:
Graduation from an accredited college or 
university with a degree in human 
service-oriented sciences, education, marketing, 
or business and experience equal to three years 
of full time professional work, or;
the equivalent of three years of full-time 
experience as a rehabilitation counselor or 
teacher shall be considered as qualifying 
provided the employee has successfully completed 
training to meet the certification criteria established by the agency, or;
an equivalent combination of education and 
experience, substituting the equivalent of one 
year of full-time professional work experience 
for each year of the required education to a 
maximum substitution of four years.

Salary range: $42,369.60­$64,521.60 annually, 
plus comprehensive benefit package, Pay Grade 28, Pay Plan 000
Hours:                8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday

Domicile:           North west or north central Iowa
Location:           Iowa Department for the 
Blind, 524 Fourth Street, Des Moines, IA 50309-2364
For further information contact Becky Criswell, 
Supervisor, (515) 281-1299 or (800) 362-2587. 
Persons who wish to be considered for this 
position must submit a resume and letter of 
application to Karen A. Keninger, Director, Iowa 
Department for the Blind, 524 Fourth Street, Des 
Moines, IA 50309 or 
<mailto:karen.keninger at blind.state.ia.us>karen.keninger at blind.state.ia.us 
no later than Friday, March 5, 2010.

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