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 Left Over Love


How was that Valentine love?  Great wasn't it?  Lots of sweets and treats
were shared.  You and your special 


one had a time, dining and wining.  Maybe you exchanged goodies like cards
or candies with little hearts.  


Perhaps it was jewelry or other precious trinkets.  Did you have a romantic
get-away?  What great memories 


you'll have for the future.  How fortunate you must feel for being together
and being able to enjoy these 


moments and the gifts you'll treasure.


Now suppose, instead, you were far from home, or locked in alone.  You have
no way to meet a sweetheart 


much less have a romantic rendezvous.  Even if, by chance, you cross paths
with your life mate you are 


restricted from pursuing a normal relationship by family and culture.  Maybe
you have come to believe of 


yourself an incapacity for a mature relationship or to care for a spouse or
children.  Why would anyone think 


such things of another grown adult?  It couldn't be because you are blind.


Attitudes such as these have nearly been completely eliminated in the United
States, but in developing 


nations around the world they still predominate.  Underlying these attitudes
are myths about the helplessness 


of the blind.  The blind are seen as incapable of learning or working.
Self-support and self-management are 


difficult to imagine for families, teachers or employers.  Moreover,
educational and career opportunities are 


limited at best.


Blind Corps addresses these concerns in three ways.  We share U.S.-developed
rehabilitation methods and 


tools with blind persons, with teachers and others who work with the blind,
and provide education and 


technical support to employers, agencies, media and government bodies.


Our third mission, starting May 25, will be directed at engaging teachers of
the 16 schools for the blind from 


around Turkey.  We will meet with them for a two-week training session,
giving them 120 hours of continuing 


education accredited by the Republic of Turkey National Ministry of


We are grateful for a tremendous outpouring of support for this project.
The facility for our training, lodging 


and food for the 
Futures In Blindness 2010 project participants and the Blind Corps Team will
once again be provided by the 


City of Istanbul.  Beyazay, the leading non-profit of the blind in Turkey
will be supplying our transportation 


and other needs.  Our terrific team of 
Blind Corps volunteer professionals are repeating their contribution of
expert time and talent.  We have also 


received generous donations from individuals and businesses here at home.


We still need your help, some of that left over love you have.  White canes,
Braille slates, Braille watches, 


other training supplies and in-country expenses remain to be funded.  Please
help us go all the way with our 


mission.  Your love in any amount, matched with ours will make a difference
in the lives of the blind of 




For more information, please contact me at


president at blindcorps.org




+1 (402) 817-9876.


You may also visit us online at:


and you can contribute securely and quickly with Paypal at:
8> &hosted_button_id=1048568




Thanks for your support,




Michael Floyd, President
Blind Corps

Blind Corps, since October 2005 an I.R.S. 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation.

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