[Nfbmo] more info on the technology seminar

daisydacia at centurytel.net daisydacia at centurytel.net
Sun Feb 28 22:39:50 UTC 2010

Gary, could you please send this to the leaders list. 

Hi everyone,
Here is what we have as of now that people would like to learn more about.  Let me know if I've forgotten anything.  Some people want to know how to navigte firefox.  Others want to know how to navigate facebook.  I've heard some people express an interest in how to download music.  Is that the case?  If so, let me know.  Also, if anyone knows how to do that for example using itunes, please let me know.  I do not know how to do so.  The most popular request I've gotten so far is to teach how to download books from the BARD website to your computer and get them to the stream.  As of this morning, here is the list of people I have wanting to attend this seminar, if you plan on attending and your not on this list, let me know.  Fran Benham, Kathie Martin, Rita Lynch, Carol Henderson.  People who have indicated they would be teachers are myself, Bryan Schulz, and Rita Lynch.  I hope to hear from everyone soon. 

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