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I think the article did a relatively good job of noting the nature  of the 
conflicts over Braille, but in the end,
I think it came strongly down on the side of literacy, which means  Braille.
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A most  interesting article. In conveys a lot in its brevity but draws  some
conclusions I don't. Because I am a proficient braille reader, I don't  see
audio and braille at war in my life. I use audio extensively - it's  easier
to fall asleep at night to a spare time book with audio. It's easier  to 
a leisurely bath reading with audio VS Braille, but it's not easier  to 
a computer program, edit a document, and learn the spelling of  words. I 
about Enron long before I saw it in Braille and realized how  it was 
What about its boss - is that Kenneth Lay or is his last  name spelled
differently. For the longest time I thought the word authentic  was 
and thought the word frustrated was flustrated.`.

I  don't want to act or feel superior just because I know Braille. What I  
want is to bring it to anyone who wants and can benefit from it. In a  world
where there is so much more print than there is accessible material,  I want
to learn and teach anything which gives access to more  information.


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