[Nfbmo] alternative and much less expensive talking software for your computer.

fred olver goodfolks at charter.net
Mon Jan 18 14:20:13 UTC 2010

An alternative to Jaws and Window-Eyes much less expensive but just as usable.

Fred Olver

Hello Everyone and Best Regards for the New Year, 

Have you been seeking an affordable screenreader for that new computer you received during the holidays? Are you wanting to give your Valentine's sweetheart the ability to bridge the digital divide? Would you like the ability to enrich your life with a constantly growing library of multimedia content tailored to be fully accessible? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please take a moment to give us a call at Handy Tech North America (HTNA), to discuss which one of our adaptive solutions might best suit your lifestyle.  HTNA is proud to be hosting one of our biggest sales yet. In keeping with our motto, "Its all about adapting," Handy Tech will be offering deep discounts for a limited time, on our Serotek screen access solutions.

If you've been searching for a screenreader with an easy and intuitive interface, then any of Serotek's award winning  solutions might be right for you.

System Access Standalone license, gives one the ability to compose documents, browse iTunes content, read and respond to emails on up to two computers for $199.99. This is a savings of almost $200.00 off the current market price. 

If your lifestyle requires you to embrace portability and mobility, HTNA is offering the  System Access Mobile for only $299.99 (Again $200.00 less than market pricing).With this package, one can install a license of System Access on up to two computers and a third license can be installed to a U3 enabled USB thumb drive. This USB thumb drive can give the user access to Windows machines at work, at home, and anywhere on the go by inserting the drive into a USB port. When the drive is inserted, System Access automatically launches giving the user screenreader access to the computer. Once the drive is removed, no trace of the screenreader is left on the machine.

If you are seeking a more natural human sounding voice for your screenreader configuration, you can now add NeoSpeech VoiceText to any System Access package for only $49.99.

Finally, if you received a netbook during the holidays and wish to give that machine a voice, HTNA is offering the ability to purchase a netbook license of System Access for the low price of $99.00. Here at Handy Tech, we recognize adaptability as  the primary key to success. Please remember that this is a limited time special offer only available from Handy Tech North America while quantities last and pricing is subject to change without notice. We hope you'll keep us in mind when you have any technology questions. If you have any questions about how to best ease your way into this digital age, or about any of our products, please feel free to call us any time by phone:


Or by email:

sales at handytech.us

We look forward to speaking with you, to helping you find technology solutions, and to sharing a wonderful 2010! 


Best regards,
   Dave Wright
Regional Sales Manager- Handy Tech North America

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