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  It is amazing to realize how many people Florence touched. She worked at Bill's C-store in the building where I work and as the news  spread Monday it was with shock and disbelief and a tremendous sense of loss as everyone considered 'Flo' their good friend. People whose names I don't know had tears in their eyes as we discussed her loss outside the C-store. Many of those tears were for Bill as it was clear to  everyone how deep his and Florence's love is.
  Long time members of our chapter remember Florence as a gracious hostess. For me I won't forget how special she was with my kids and grandson. I swear she could calm any child and rock them asleep.
  You cannot imagine how much we will miss you Florence

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  It is with a heavy heart that I tell you we lost the company of Florence Neil about one o'clock this afternoon. When I first met Bill in Florence, she was always active and on the move. She loved children, and was Missy's first babysitter. When I said I wasn't sure I could handle some of the duties of being a father, she and her children gathered up a plastic baby doll, and about six cloth diapers, and one Sunday afternoon was spent in trying to make me a diaper expert.

  Nobody made or loved fried chicken more than Florence. I used to be a frequent dinner guest at their house, and after we would eat and bill would get into his recliner chair to enjoy a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, Florence and I would take a walk. Not only would we enjoy the outside air and some conversation, but the walk would help us rationalize all that we ate that evening, and give us some good ammunition to tease bill about the calories he wasn't burning.

  We will post more information about funeral plans for our dear friend when they become available.


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