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Blake and Erika, hats off to you for not giving up. As you can see below,
lots of folks commend and stand with you.

Love to both,



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Greetings friends:

First, I would like to congratulate Gary and the Missouri affiliate for the
excellent work in getting Baby Mikaela back with her parents!!  Particular
thanks goes to Baby Mikaela and her parents for hanging tough and standing
up for their rights.  Over the years, far too many blind parents have saddly
let the state roll over them in such scenarios.  

On Saturday, I spoke before the City of Denver's ADA 20th Anniversary
Celebration at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  In pointing out how far  we have
yet to travel in achieving first class citizenship for the blind and
disabled of our nation, I mentioned the Baby Mikaela story.

Some have expressed the opinion that  they are shocked that such a situation
can still occur.  Perhaps because I see and fight discrimination all the
time, I am not as shocked.  It happens in many different ways all over our
great land.  Although we view the ADA as a civil rights law granting us
equal opportunity under law, most of our society does not view our issues as
those of civil rights.  We are still looked at as medical problems,
something to be fixed and taken care of.  Things are getting better, but we
have many, many miles to go.  The Baby Mikaela story is simply the most
recent, and most astonishing reminder.  

When I was giving my speech yesterday, I didn't realize that PBS was their
filming.  They are doing an in depth story about the 20th anniversary of the
ADA tommorow on the PBS News Hour.  They interviewed me for quite a while
after the ceremonies, and it will be interesting to see how PBS addresses
the story tomorrow.  Here in the Denver market, the show will come on at
6:00 p.m. on our main PBS channel.  As they say, consult your local
listings, if you are at all interested.

Once again, my hat goes off to our great folks in Missouri!!  This wasn't
and isn't just a Missouri problem.  It is more evidence in support of the
reason why we must continue to grow our affiliates and chapters so that we
can keep spreading a positive message about blindness.
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