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Fri Jul 30 17:07:58 UTC 2010

Hi Cari, and welcome to St. Louis!  I look forward to meetingyou at  the 
Chapter meetings again. And congratulations to you and Brent!
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My  name is Cari Kness. I was living in Madison Wisconsin and have 
finally  landed here in saint Louis to be closer to Brent. Last time I 
wrote I said  I'd write a better introduction when I actually got here.
I'm working on  transfering to UMSL, (University of Missouri Saint 
Louis,) to get my  Bachelor in Social Work. I have to take a year off 
to become a state  resident. I'm hoping to get to know other students 
in Saint Louis and  around the state. Brent and I are happy to be 
together. As I get more  settled we'll start planning our wedding.
Myself, I'm  37 years young. I joined the NFB through the 
Minnesota student division. I  think I was a Junior in High school at 
that time. I'm active where and  when I can be either as an officer or 
a chapter volunteer.
I'm not sure what to say about myself personally. I'm kind of  
shy at first but after that I consider myself to be fun to be around.  
I love cats, jokes, spending time with friends, reading books, being  
on the computer, eTC.
I look forward to getting to  know those of you I met last March 
better and to meeting those I didn't  meet. I'll be on the list from 
time to time as well. Talk to you  later.

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