[Nfbmo] Fw: Attention Missourians Attending National Convention

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Sun Jun 27 00:02:48 UTC 2010

Here is a very important message from Shelia. Thanks to all who will help.

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Subject: Attention Missourians Attending National Convention


Can you forward this to the Leaders List and NFBMO?





From: Shelia Wright [mailto:sbwright95 at att.net] 
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To: 'Gary Wunder'
Subject: Attention Missourians Attending National Convention


The Missouri Affiliate has Exhibit Table B-114 throughout the convention and we need our members to share staffing the table. Thanks to those who have already signed up. If you are attending the convention and have not volunteered to work, please contact me at 816-741-6402 (home) or 816-679-5258 (cell). It is always very helpful if everyone will take a turn.


We will be selling tote bags for $10 each, tickets for a 50/50 drawing at $1.00 per ticket, and will be accepting donations for our Bring Baby Makaela Home Campaign. 


In addition to working the table, you can carry raffle  tickets and sell them everywhere you go during the convention. The drawing will take place on July 15th after we get back home. This will allow us to sell tickets all week. Folks from Missouri will be right in style as many states conduct fund raisers at our national convention. The earlier in the week we make the ask, the more successful we will be.  


This promises to be an exciting national convention for many reasons. Please help our affiliate in our efforts.


Thank You,

Shelia Wright

Ways & means Committee Chair


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