[Nfbmo] I-Phone could take the win out of KNFB Reader.

Fred Olver goodfolks at charter.net
Tue Jun 29 12:17:19 UTC 2010

the I phone will have an OCR  app soon.  thus no need to pay two grand for 
the kurzweil reader , phone , and talks or moble speak.   the 3 g as well as 
the new 4g phone will work with  this OCR software. and the I phone has it's 
own speech software which is FREE. So  go and listen to the file below and 
see for yourself.

SayText is an app designed especially for the visually impaired and by the 
way, it's free! In a few words to describe it's use, you need to place the 
iPhone on the center of a document. There's a big button for starting the 
tool, tap it. ?Slowly elevate the i Phohne upwards from the document until 
you hear a beep sound - this indicates, that the document is now fully in 
frame and the camera will shoot automatically, when the picture is stable / 
focused. ?Now only thing you have to do, is to wait for a few seconds. (You 
can tap the screen to hear the OCR progress, e.g. OCR 35%). ?When the OCR is 
ready you can start the voiceover to read the document out loud. The app 
should come to Appstore in a week or so. There is a website for SayText:

There's also a video, where Mr. Heikki Ekola, a totally blind person uses 
it. He's representing the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired - You 
can find the video here:

This video is also at the SayText homepage.

Fred Olver 

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