[Nfbmo] I-Phone could take the win out of KNFB Reader.

Bryan Schulz b.schulz at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 29 14:25:19 UTC 2010


any chance these phones have an option for not having to pay 30-60 bucks a 

Bryan Schulz

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> the I phone will have an OCR  app soon.  thus no need to pay two grand for 
> the kurzweil reader , phone , and talks or moble speak.   the 3 g as well 
> as the new 4g phone will work with  this OCR software. and the I phone has 
> it's own speech software which is FREE. So  go and listen to the file 
> below and see for yourself.
> SayText is an app designed especially for the visually impaired and by the 
> way, it's free! In a few words to describe it's use, you need to place the 
> iPhone on the center of a document. There's a big button for starting the 
> tool, tap it. ?Slowly elevate the i Phohne upwards from the document until 
> you hear a beep sound - this indicates, that the document is now fully in 
> frame and the camera will shoot automatically, when the picture is stable 
> / focused. ?Now only thing you have to do, is to wait for a few seconds. 
> (You can tap the screen to hear the OCR progress, e.g. OCR 35%). ?When the 
> OCR is ready you can start the voiceover to read the document out loud. 
> The app should come to Appstore in a week or so. There is a website for 
> SayText:
> http://www.docscannerapp.com/saytext/
> There's also a video, where Mr. Heikki Ekola, a totally blind person uses 
> it. He's representing the Finnish Federation of the Visually Impaired - 
> You can find the video here:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlWJF27IdX4
> This video is also at the SayText homepage.
> http://www.docscannerapp.com/saytext/
> Fred Olver
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