[Nfbmo] Cooking Without Looking PBS show!!!

fred olver goodfolks at charter.net
Tue Mar 2 05:37:44 UTC 2010

This may interest the cooks on the list. This is all we currently know about
Cooking Without Looking
Vision World Foundation is the parent company of Cooking Without Looking".
"Cooking Without Looking" is the first TV show ever produced especially for
impaired people.
Three hosts, Celia Chacon, Tom Fox and Annette Watkins, are blind/visually
themselves, and moderate the 30-minute show which airs twice monthly on
PBS in Palm Beach, FL. The show will also air Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m
without Looking" is currently being prepared for national distribution on
Guest "chefs" who are blind or visually challenged create their culinary
giving tips on how to cook/bake, stay safe and have fun in the kitchen with
impairments. Past recipes have included "Easy Cheesy Potatoes;" "Strawberry
Chacon;" Jamaican Jerk Chicken & Pork; and "Phil's Fabulous Gourmet
A third segment, "Food for Thought," introduces viewers to people and
community organizations
who work with people who are blind/visually impaired. This includes guide
dog puppy
raisers; a blind pilot who received two corneal transplants and re-gained
his sight;
a blind psychologist who gave tips on preventing depression with sight loss;
vision technology, and MORE!
There are more than 20 half hour shows at

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