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The web address for the program in the original email throws an error,  but 
by a little sleuthing I found the
following page which does work:
    In looking over the consortium members, I noticed that  Washington 
University in St. Louis is listed,
as is Northern Illinois University and Illinois State University.   Others 
are Vanderbilt in Tennessee, University
of Minnesota, among others.   I'm going to look into the  Washington 
University program - simply because in
my 30 year career witht them, I had never found such a curriculum, despite  
inquiries, in
any disability coursework, let alone a degree.
    I'm not entirely sure I want to devote 4 years to a PhD  program, let 
alone, at my age,  being eligible for
one, but I'll do a little legwork and let y'all know what I find.
     All tuition paid PhD scholarship w/ $20K living  stipend sounds too 
good to be true, so I thought I'd check
it out.
     In checking the email address provided - _clarkw at wustl.edu_ 
(mailto:clarkw at wustl.edu) , I found that it belongs  to
a Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology, which means that  his 
involvement in the program relates
not to visual deficits but rather to hearing deficits.   Washington U does
have a very large ophthalmology and retinal department which could possibly 
 be involved with Dr. Clark
as a contact person for this national consortium.  By chance, I have  an 
appt with the director of the electro-
ophthalmology specialty at WU next week - I'll try to find out more.
    It does look like this  may be a very good  opportunity for those who 
would be interested in pursuing an
advanced degree in these fields.  Given the contact in this source, I  
assume it would be heavy in science and
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> Ever Think About Earning a  Doctorate?
> The National Leadership Consortium in Sensory  Disabilities (NLCSD), 
> by the U.S. Department of Education,  Office of Special Education 
> is accepting applications to  doctoral programs in the areas of 
> blind/visually impaired, deaf/hard  of hearing, and deafblindness. Full 
> tuition and a minimum of $20,000  annual living stipend will be provided 
> NLCSD Fellows for up to  four years of full-time on campus study while 
> earn their  doctorates at one of the 25 Consortium Universities. 
> Fellowships are  available to US citizens/permanent residents who must 
> first be  accepted into a doctoral program. The cohort will begin Fall 
>  2010.
> The consortium members, and the doctoral programs they  offer, are listed 
> at 
>  Applications must be postmarked by March 26, 2010. Applications 
> after that date will not be considered. Notifications will be made to  
> applicants by May 3, 2010.
> Please share this  information with potential candidates, or consider 
> applying  yourself!
> The NFB is deeply concerned that we have  strong leaders in order to 
> continue our work to improve the education  of blind children and the 
> programs to train teachers to work with  those children.  We encourage 
> those interested in providing  leadership in this area to consider 
>  applying.
> Carol Castellano, President
>  National Organization of Parents of Blind Children
>  973-377-0976
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