[Nfbmo] Don't bother bringing network cables for the technology seminar

Horchem Gary ghorchem at gary-springfield-mo.net
Tue Mar 9 20:24:35 UTC 2010

We won't need network cable for the tech seminar there is wireless Internet in the room download speed is about 1.5 megabit a second also Springfield city fire code prohibits the use of computer power strips connected to extension cords. In this room there only 2 power outlets so if your device has a long battery leave it in battery power the power strips will only be used for laptops that have a short battery life this room has wireless and only one network jack and DO NOT bring in any network switches, routers, hubs etc since the is wireless Internet and DO NOT bring or use extension cords or daisy chain power strips together. Thank your cooperation.

Gary Horchem
Springfield Chapter President NFBMO Webmaster

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