[Nfbmo] Last Minute Items Before State Convention

Horchem Gary ghorchem at gary-springfield-mo.net
Mon Mar 22 04:02:46 UTC 2010

Good evening folks as convention nears i'm posting info on ground transportation and last minute hotel items for the state convention let's start with ground transportation

Taxi service is provided by Springfield Yellow Cab the phone number is 417-862-5511 some of their cabs are equip to take credit cards but you must call and request one their rates are $2.50 pick up fee and $2.50 a mile this is per person the cheaper option is the city bus

The Bus run by City Utilities of Springfield runs 15 day routes and 4 night/Sunday routes the day routes run from 6:05 AM to 6:35 PM some run hourly some run every 30 minutes line 5 S. Glenstone (the bus that runs in front of the hotel) runs every 20 Minutes between 2:05 PM and 5:05 PM night service runs hourly 6:10 PM and the last run is at 10:10 PM on Saturday all the day routes run once an hour some depart the downtown transfer station at :05 after the hour some depart at :35 after the hour the bus fares are below

Adult single ride $1.25
All day pass $3.75

Children (5 to 18) single ride $1.00
All day pass $3.00

Elderly and disabled single ride $0.60
All day pass $1.80

Transfer for all passengers are $0.10

for more information on using the city bus or to get info in using Access Express (para transit) you may call 417-831-8782 between the hours of 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday tru Friday words of wisdom Don't smoke in a bus shelter this is against city ordnance also if you are paying reduced fare you must have a Medicare card or an reduced fare i.d from you home town transit system no other forms of id will be accepted if you qualify to use para transit you still must pay to ride the fixed route bus.

The hotel shuttle now requires one days notice and can only be used for transportation to and from the airport and greyhound
The earliest check in time at the hotel is 3:00pm

Please remember if you haven't bought your Banquet, luncheon or your prayer breakfast ticket and you wish to attend these meals please buy them the Springfield chapter WILL BE COLLECTING TICKETS AT THE DOOR
Have a good evening.

Gary Horchem

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