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Here is one of the convention surveys. I like hat Dave says, but more importantly I like his humorous observations along with it. Thanks to anyone who responds, and I will not post your responses unless you say it is okay. Further, not all responses are expected to be positive.

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Hi Gary,
At this years state convention you asked us to let you know how things went at state convention.  I myself thought it was one of the best convention in awhile.  I appreciate the wonderful help with the Imagination Fund, helping me get names of people to be registrured.  I phoned in the names of the people I wrote down on a little hotel pad with a pen I swiped from the room, maybe they are meant to be taken, those things are probably made in China and the hotel gets from Alphapointe, Alphapointe sends them to China then China sends them back calling them "made in China".  I really liked the way Patti Chang gave the banquet speech, she got a litttle teary eyed about her family not being with her, but she did a great job.  I wish we could bring back the knowledge bowl, that was lots of fun and it raised money for the affiliate.  I missed having a saled at the banquet, but you can not have everything, the food was pretty good, it took awhile to get it, but it was fine, they never seem to collect the banquet tickets, I wonder if I did not buy a banquet ticket if I could eat for free, folks could do that and probably get away with it, but my luck, the year i tried it, they would start collecting the tickets, my conscience would not let me do that anyway, but someone from outside the hotel could sneak in and get a meal, they have probably tried that in bigger cities like Kansas City, people say there was alot of theft at the 1983 national convention, people just roamed around the hotel who were not at the convention, probably explains why we might not be able to get hotel directly in Kansas City like the Hyatt or a hotel down town.  Over all I thought the convention was a success and I enjoyed it very much.


Dave Hutchins
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