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Good Day!


Lisa Stamm, Wolfner Library's Special Services Librarian, created a video tutorial containing step by step instructions about how to download a book from BARD for patrons and their caregivers. 


The video is located on the Wolfner Library home page, located at http://www.sos.mo.gov/wolfner, in the "Items of Interest" box at the bottom middle of the page. The tutorial link, named "How to Use BARD," is underneath the "Show-Me Downloads" link.


Clicking the "How to Use BARD" link will open a small version of the video, with the option to view a full-screen version by clicking the "View video at full size" link. There is also a link, called "View video transcript," that will open and close a text version of the tutorial.


We are excited to share the video with everyone and hope that patrons and caregivers will find it helpful, 


In addition, please read the latest NEWS from NLS that has an article about Wolfner Library. It is on the NLS web site at http://www.loc.gov/nls/newsletters/news/index.html


Finally, please remember to pass the word to friends to join Wolfner Library's Show-Me Downloads program to download talking books from home! Wolfner Library's digital player will play downloaded books form BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download.)  BARD has over 18,000 digital books and 40+ digital magazines!    


Why wait for the postal service to deliver your books?

Download from BARD twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!


You will need:

·         A high-speed Internet connection

·         An e-mail address

·         Knowledge of navigating the Web, filling out online forms, downloading large items and unzipping files


As an added incentive, Wolfner Library is offering Missourians a 2GB blank cartridge and a cable to download digital books for the new digital players. 


Call your Reader Advisor to find out how to download books from BARD




Or visit Wolfner Library online for the BARD application link:




Note: Many, but not all, standard flash drives may also be used to play downloaded books in the digital players.


If you have not received your digital player call your reader advisor. We have over 300 new NLS digital players ready to be shipped!




Richard J. Smith, Director

Wolfner Library

Jefferson City, MO  65102 

Phone:  573-522-2767

Email: richard.smith at sos.mo.gov

Web Site: http://www.sos.mo.gov/wolfner/


Not sure what to read next? Find a good DIGITAL book at: http://www.sos.mo.gov/wolfner/readings.asp


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