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> Dear colleagues:
> The 2010 Race for Independence is gaining momentum as we head toward
> the Dallas convention. While many of us are making the "ask"
> electronically, some people have requested written solicitation
> materials.
> We now have Race for Independence solicitation cards that you can use
> to make the "ask," and we will gladly forward them to you upon
> request. These cards will be very helpful in your fundraising
> efforts. You can hand them out when you are asking for
> donations-the card provides information about the Race for
> Independence, a convenient place to record the donor's contact
> information, and a receipt for the donor. You can use them for
> both in-person and mail solicitations.
> There is more than enough time remaining between now and the Dallas
> convention to have a great year for the Imagination Fund if we use the
> time wisely.
> This is to say that we need to be active in our efforts, make those
> "asks," and follow up with potential donors. If you have any
> questions, or if I can be of assistance, please e-mail me at
> pdiggs at nfb.org or call me at (843) 267-2018. And remember to let
> us know if you would like Race for Independence solicitation cards by
> e-mailing Ann-Marie Laney at alaney at nfb.org.
> Let's race!
> Parnell Diggs, Chairman
> National Federation of the Blind Imagination Fund
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