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This is such a nice message. It gives me encouragement we are doing the
right thing--we just need to do more of it. I couldn't have been greeted by
a stronger message of encouragement than this. Thanks.



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I just had to share about our past weekend at Mission Believe!!  It was
incredible.  What an amazing opportunity for our kids.  The closeness I feel
to the NFB only grows each time we have contact.  I can't wait to get in
contact with the Springfield Chapter, even though they are so far away.  
THIS is the type of person I want my child to grow into.  Nothing should be
thought impossible, but I sure was close this weekend.  However, the things
that we all conquered and even enjoyed accomplishing those couple days was
amazing.  Especially watching Gary Wunder cross the high wire act backward. 
Cudos to you Gary, you are my new hero (next to Roman and Ethan of course).
And then the chat sessions.  To feel like close friends with the Wunders,
Stephanie, and Garrick, is something that I dearly treasure.  I have always
been afraid to use the resources at my fingertips, afraid that some would
say that we are too needy or greedy.  Not anymore.  I will trust in these
people that are so much more knowledgeable in this instance.  While I know
my child, they know blindness and what he or she needs to succeed, and after
all, that is what I want for all my children; for them to succeed!
And of course the fact that my kids had a blast while they were learning
that nothing is impossible was a great touch.  Touche'.
Thank you to everyone who made Mission Believe possible; Rosina Foster


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