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> Subject: [Quietcars] Looks like automated autos are coming, like it or not
>> >From Fox News:
>> Need a Lift? Phone Your Car and It'll Pick You Up
>> German scientists have unveiled the latest in self-driving car 
>> technology --
>> an autonomous vehicle named "MadeInGermany" (MIG), which passengers can 
>> even
>> call for a lift.
>> Computer scientist Raul Rojas and his team at Berlin's Free University 
>> (FU)
>> have developed the experimental car which they hope will revolutionize 
>> the
>> future of driving.
>> Passengers can phone their MIG using an iPad or smartphone and the Global
>> Positioning System integrated into these devices reveals the caller's
>> location to the car, which then works out the best route and tells the
>> passenger how long it will take it to get there.
>> The car's designers say their invention will support environmentally
>> friendly developments by making car-sharing more practical -- if several
>> people are traveling in the same direction, one unmanned taxi can pick 
>> them
>> all up.
>> Optimal use of the technology could see the number of cars in Berlin 
>> reduced
>> to one-fifth of their current number, they say.
>> "With an ordinary mobile multimedia device (iPad) the driver can access 
>> all
>> the on-board electronics," a spokesman said. "This opens up entirely new
>> possibilities for operating the vehicle, far beyond the previous ideas of
>> remote control."
>> Drivers who suddenly decide they want to steer the vehicle via an iPad 
>> can
>> turn the automatic technology off and take control themselves.
>> The MIG uses sensor technology to create a three-dimensional image of the
>> street on the car's computer so that the car is able to detect bikes,
>> pedestrians, road markings and signs.
>> The technology enables it to respond to traffic lights independently, to
>> give way in accordance with the highway code and to stop in case of
>> unexpected events.
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