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Below is a summary of the House Substitute for HB 555. I know many of you
have asked what the bill looks like now. As you can see it has a lot of
different disability issues. While I'm sure that all have their merit,  I
think it is important for us to continue to promote our agenda to prohibit
children being removed from the care of their parents solely on the basis of
disability However, knowing what else is in the bill is important. Portions
of the bill referring to MO Net will require funding but this bill does not
attempt to provide the needed funds. Therefore, they could be passed even
though this is a tough budget year. These aspects of the bill would be
subject to appropriations in the same way that our 1999 bill for Blind
Skills Specialist was subject to appropriations. I suppose that is why the
committee allowed these bills to be combined.Otherwise it would be an
unsurmountable roadblock to passing legislative components of this bill that
are not associated with costs.




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HB555 - Omnibus Disability Bill

Rep. Grisamore


HB555 was Perfected in the House yesterday.  The bill will move to the
Senate after a final House vote.

Restoration of coverage of hearing aids for adults in MO HealthNet
(Medicaid) was one of the measures included in the bill.  Provision of the
service would be subject to appropriations.  Among  the others:


*        Coverage under MO HealthNet for Comprehensive Day Rehabilitation
Services for persons with brain injury.

*        Establishing a disability awareness month and requiring instruction
in disability history and the history of the disability rights movement.

*        Prohibition on termination of parental rights on the basis of

*        Developmental disabilities waiting list trust fund check off 

*        Removing references in MO statutes to "mental retardation" to be
replaced with "developmental disability".

*        Any new parking signs will use "accessible parking" rather than
"handicap parking".

*        Adds mental disabilities to the statute governing service dogs.

*        Allows the Mental Health Earnings Fund to receive funds from Mental
Health First USA.

*        Adds a mental health professional to the MO HealthNet Oversight


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