[Nfbmo] Tornado here

Susan Ford johnsusanford at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 23 04:55:20 UTC 2011

Most of you will know that there were many storms and tornadoes in the St. Louis metro area today and tonight.  This note is for anyone who may have planned to fly in or out of Lambert Airport today or in the next few days.  The airport is currently closed and they don't know how long it will remain so.  Part of the roof is gone from concourse C.  Most of the windows, including the big windows in the main airport are gone.  The airport is currently functioning on auxiliary power, and who knows when the computers and regular power will be back.  There were reports of jetways being damaged or destroyed.  You will hear more about this, I am sure.  But be sure to check with your airline if you plan to fly in or out of Lambert in the next few days.  

Susan Ford 

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