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Hello Dan.  Congratulations on your relationship with Nancy.  You had
mentioned her once before, but I didn't get the idea that it was a flowering
relationship.  Debbie and I look forward to getting to know her and as far
as I know we will be around when you do the MS 150.  I used to be involved
with it as well.  I liked it.  Shelia Wright was also involved.

Don't worry about the fact that the note to which you responded so
vehemently came from my sister.  I can never tell when people forward
messages exactly how much is their opinion and how much is that the message
is simply easily forwarded along.  Certainly she didn't write it; I fear,
however, that she agrees with most of it.  In response to my long note, she
simply responded that the note was not intended for family but for abusers.
Several months ago I know that my dad was actively engaged in buying food
stamps for cash.  I don't know how he rationalizes it.  I do know that if he
found someone else doing it, he would think it just one more abuse of an
out-of-control federal program.

Debbie, Abbey, and I just got home from a trip to Savannah Georgia.  Abbey
is interested in looking at colleges.  Unfortunately, the college she seems
to be most interested in costs about $50,000 a year.  Unless she gets one
whale of a scholarship, that just isn't in the cards.  I'm afraid that she's
going to have to look at something within the state.  We just don't have
$200,000 to drop, no matter how noble the cause might be.  There isn't
anyone I would like to help more than Abbey.  I find it more than mildly
irritating that we claim that the cure for what ails our country can be
found in education, while letting the cost of education rise by more than
one third in the last 10 years.  Wasn't one of the debates in Congress over
the debt ceiling brought to a screeching halt over how much to decrease the
Pell grant?

What do you think of the president's handling of the debt ceiling crisis?  I
suppose it is easily argued that while he was elected in 2008, the Congress
was just as elected in 2010 and therefore he has no choice but to
compromise.  I fear he is cutting his legs out from under him.  There is
little for the Democrats to cheer about.  Even in cases where it seems that
the majority of the public is on his side as in the case of closing tax
loopholes and increasing taxes on the rich by rolling back the temporary
Bush tax cuts, president Obama seems to give these away.  He speaks to them
all of the time in his public addresses, but when it comes right down to
negotiating, it doesn't look like he holds to anything firmly enough that
he's willing to come on television and ask the American people to go to war
for him. Reagan was a master at this. He could give a speech and the
democratic congress would be deluged with calls.   

I get so tired of the widely accepted belief that lower taxes always
increase government revenues.  Were this really the case, it would be a
simple matter for the government to simply reduce tax rates to zero and be
done with all of the interim steps.  Our friend Jim says this to me all the
time--that reducing taxes increases revenue to the federal government.  You
might tinker with the tax code in certain ways to encourage businesses and
thereby increase tax revenues by decreasing taxes, but it's not an
across-the-board thing.

I'm not very happy with Pres. Obama for going along with the temporary
suspension of Social Security taxes.  Here you have a program that people
say isn't viable because it's going to go broke in (you pick the date), so
the answer is to suspend income?  That makes no sense.  If we want to save
Social Security, why not eliminate the earnings cap on it?  There is no
earnings When it comes to income tax, and, at least for the lower and middle
class, there is no effective cutoff for Social Security.  Unless you are
exceedingly well off, you are taxed on all of your income for Social

Oh well, now that I've vented a little bit, I guess I better do a little
real work.

Chat soon,

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    I'm always willing to get do what I can to get our  people out to these 
events.  I'm assuming that no one can go to Des Moines  next week probably 
because it's a weekday.   Let me know if there is  some interest from 
Columbia and I'll ask around here.
      I think I told you I've been seeing a  gal named Nancy  - (tonight we 
celebrated being together a year seeing each  other romantically after 
being friends since 1993).   She and I have  decided to enter the MS 150
ride in September in Columbia - it's a  fundraiser for the Multiple
Foundation.  We're not going to do 75  miles each day - rather 40 miles each

day for a total of 80 miles.  We  will be in town September 9th and 10th so 
we may stop by and say hi.
     Gotta go to bed - we celebrated a lot  tonight!
Talk to you soon,
PS:   I didn't realize that the post you forwarded was from your  sister - 
I would have been a bit more diplomatic in my critique.
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