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      This is great!   I'm listening to  it now.  Thanks for the headsup - 
and I don't think this is off-topic since  it is about sharing resources for 
the blind.
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This is off  topic but interesting in that fiction has always depicted 
visually impaired as  either amazing or pathetic. This appeared in the Matilda 
Ziegler this week.  Feature Writer Alena Roberts - Audio Version of Daredevil 
Vol. 1 "The Blind  Super Hero" DeA

In 1964, a new hero was born. Matt Murdock is an  attorney by day and a 
crime fighter by night, but Daredevil has a special  handicap that that other 
super heroes don't--he's blind. The character was  blinded in an accident, 
which heightened his other senses. Since its creation,  Daredevil has been 
turned into a TV series and a movie, but the comic has  never been put into an 
audio format. After receiving many letters from blind  fans, the team that 
creates Daredevil comics decided to make an audio version  of the newest 

The audio version includes some of the artists,  writers, and producers of 
the comic doing both narration and character voices.  One of the highlights 
is that the audio version includes the panel notes that  the writer made, 
which gives us an insight into not only what the panel  illustration includes, 
but the purpose behind it. During the reading we learn  about some of 
Daredevil's powers, including radar vision and acute hearing of  people's heart 
beats. The reading really brings the story to life for those of  us who can't 
see the art.

I remember as a kid enjoying reading the  comics in my newspaper, but I 
never got into comic books. I also never  realized that there was a blind super 
hero. I hope that this reading is  enjoyable to people as much as it was 
for me. I also hope that this reading is  a real treat for those former 
Daredevil readers who might not have enough  vision to enjoy the comics anymore. 
The audio version is a free service that  the creators are providing for the 
first issue, and maybe if they get enough  positive feedback, they'll decide 
to record more audio versions of upcoming  editions.

Here is a link to the article describing the creator's  reasons for making 
the audio edition.  

Here's  the link to the audio edition of Daredevil Vol. 1:  

http://www.dealingwithvisionloss.com   For some of us it's a way of life 
and for some of us it just makes life  easier. Fred Olver
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