[Nfbmo] What is off topic for this list?

DanFlasar at aol.com DanFlasar at aol.com
Mon Dec 19 18:43:01 UTC 2011

Hi Viviana,
       With anticipatory bowing to any  guidelines forthcoming regarding 
list subject matter, there have been a  wide variety of discussions/content 
here over the years  - announcements of achievements, 
celebrations/notifications of  personal/family/social events, discussions of adaptive technology, 
discussions  of chapter, state and national NFB issues, noting of helpful 
websites, news of  good deals on equipment, and the occasional vigorous 
discussions of issues  related to blindness, occasionally straying farther afield.
     Although there is moderation, it is generally  benevolent - the list 
is self-policing, mostly.  
    In general, it is good to exercise tact in posts (as I  have learned, 
like any other discussion list.   Relying on a moderator  to lay down the law 
is much like using a smoke alarm as a cooking timer.
       I sent this to the whole list rather  than to you personally to - um 
- spark discussion.  It has been pretty  quiet here for awhile.
     And by the way, to all the gentle folks here -  Happy Hannukah, Merry 
Christmas, Joyous Kwanza  (sp?) and Happy New Year as  well as well wishes 
for peaceful and warm gatherings of family and friends  during these holidays.
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irishana at gmail.com writes:

Hi.  I  was not sure who is the owner/moderator of this list so thought I'd
just  ask here.  Could someone tell me what is on-topic for this list?   I
mean should we all be posting stuff about our personal lives here?   It is 
understanding that this is first and foremost a NFB related list  and
secondly a blindness related list.  Please correct me if I am  wrong.  

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