[Nfbmo] Update on our friend Jana

Gary Wunder GWunder at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 15 04:37:45 UTC 2011

Hello friends. Debbie and I went to see Jim and Jana last Sunday, and we
found her alert and in relatively good spirits. It is a good thing that we
went on him and Sunday. On Monday a number of events happened which
convinced Jim and his family that Jana could no longer stay in the home and
receive the kind of care she needed. She was taken to Hospice House in St.
Louis, and the nurses report that her decline is quite rapid. She is now
sleeping most of the time, has no appetite, and though when she talks it is
clear she would like to go back to her new house, it's very obvious to
everyone involved that she simply doesn't have the strength to do it.

Jim is staying with Jana at hospice house In a Room They've provided for
Him. He took a break today to have lunch with his children, but he really
does feel that it's important for him to be there all the time because he
sees that occasionally the nurses are not as attentive as he would like them
to be and he wants to be there to hold Jana's hands and say what words of
comfort he can. As you pray for Jana in her transition from life to death,
please also pray for our friend Jim who still has many years ahead and will
need our love and support. Brian and Susan, please make a special effort to
reach out to our friend. He will need good people like the two of you to
welcome him. I have no idea which chapter he will join, but I believe that
he will value friends from all over and Jim is a giver who treats his
friends well.

Jim will call whenever there's any news to report. I will do my best to put
it out.

Love to you all,


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