[Nfbmo] Blind Driver Challenge

Cari Kness carisuekness at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 06:16:33 UTC 2011

I'm really happy for Mark and the NFB that this 
was such a success. I have a question. I will ask 
it and then explain why I want to know. The 
question is: Is Mark totally blind? I ask this 
question because to make the challenge totally 
and 100% valid, the driver should be depending 
soley on the sensory technology. Mark once had a 
lot of usable vision to the point where he could 
read print. If he has any usable vision, was he 
by any chance wearing sleep shades? Either way, 
I'm still very proud of Mark. I know him and 
Melissa from Wisconsin but I honestly don't remember about his  blindness.
At 10:26 PM 1/30/2011, you wrote:
>Here is a link to the article in the Daytona 
>newspaper about Saturday’s blind Driver 
>challenge. Our own Gary Wunder is quoted 
>extensively in it. 
>Hope to get even more information on this 
>historic event Gene 
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