[Nfbmo] Blind Driver Challenge

Brent Ford buzzaldron at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 21:01:18 UTC 2011

I am Brent, Cari's fiancee, and I understand why 
she has the concerns she does. I totally agree. 
She was not trying in _any way_ to put down Mark. 
The reason her question is valid is because 
sometimes when something is so ingrained in us, 
such as using sight, or even verbal directions, 
when we try to adapt for others, it can be a 
struggle. For example, Cari wears hearing aids. 
She hears, but has no directional hearing. I got 
it right away about the hearing aids, but I still 
struggle with things such as "Over here, Cari" 
and she responds "I don't know where here is, or 
this way doesn't mean anything to me." I then 
have to remember to tell her left or right.
The reason this ties into the blind driver 
challenge is this. If an individual was partial, 
and used some alternative techniques of blindness 
at the same time, they may think they were 
relying on the alternative techniques to drive, 
but uncontiously using both sight and techniques.
I had a couple of questions myself. I am 
wondering if the car will be at the convention in 
Orlando and if so, Will it be possible to sit in 
it? I don't expect to drive it, as many will wish 
to, and that may not be possible. I would like to 
see the technology though. Maybe we could drive 
the nonmoving virtual road that Gary Wunder 
drove. Also, will DVDs or audio CDS of the event be made available for sail?
Thanks and Glory Glory Federation!!
Brent Ford  At 02:29 PM 1/31/2011, you wrote:
>Cari, "totally valid"? I am "legally blind" with 
>some sight, and I definitely can not operate a 
>regular vehicle in a normal "sighted" fashion. 
>Why must someone be 100% blind to make this 
>experiment valid? Matt On Jan 31, 2011, at 1:16 
>AM, Cari Kness <carisuekness at gmail.com> wrote: > 
>Hi, > I'm really happy for Mark and the NFB that 
>this was such a success. I have a question. I 
>will ask it and then explain why I want to know. 
>The question is: Is Mark totally blind? I ask 
>this question because to make the challenge 
>totally and 100% valid, the driver should be 
>depending soley on the sensory technology. Mark 
>once had a lot of usable vision to the point 
>where he could read print. If he has any usable 
>vision, was he by any chance wearing sleep 
>shades? Either way, I'm still very proud of 
>Mark. I know him and Melissa from Wisconsin but 
>I honestly don't remember about 
>his  blindness. > Peace, > Cari > At 10:26 PM 
>1/30/2011, you wrote: >> Here is a link to the 
>article in the Daytona newspaper about 
>Saturday’s blind Driver challenge. Our own 
>Gary Wunder is quotted extensively in it. 
>Hope to get even more information on this 
>historic event Gene 
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