[Nfbmo] Convention Banquet donations/refunds

Gene Coulter escoulter at centurytel.net
Tue May 10 17:47:21 UTC 2011

I forward this message from Gene and appreciate his effort in negotiating
and for sharing the news.
Hello Leaders and Chapter Presidents. The Ramada Inn and their caterer, 36th
Street Catering, want to apologize for the poor quality of the meat at our
banquet meal for the 2011 annual convention. When I spoke with them, there
was no doubt they were embarrassed about the whole thing. 
We have reached an agreement with them. They will refund $11.00 per banquet
meal served. We will pass the refund on to those who actually paid for their
own meal and did not either have the veggie or kids meal since those turned
out fine. 
We will handle refunds in the form of a credit for a donation or a check
refund. Of course, we will gladly accept  the well wishes of those who just
want to make it a tax deductible donation to the NFB of Missouri. Also, we
would be happy to give chapter's credit in the Roy Zuvers Travelling Trophy
contest for anyone forgoing their refund. 
To have your chapter get credit in the travelling trophy contest, just Email
your name and what chapter you want to have credit to a special Email
address and I will see that the State Treasurer  gives you the credit you
deserve. The Email address is: 
nfbcolumbia at centurytel.net
Thank you very much if you are able to donate in this way.
Of course, anyone who wishes a refund is most welcome. Our financial
policies state that for the State Treasure to write a check, the State
President must sign a payment voucher. Attached to this  message is a
special voucher that you will need to fill out with a small amount of
information. We need on the voucher:
Name of person making the request
Who the check needs to be made out to
Their address
The names of those whose meals you are seeking reimbursement for (This would
be the same people you originally paid for)
How many people are included and the total amount requested
IMPORTANT: You have 30 days from the day Gary Wunder sends this out to
request a refund per financial policies of the affiliate. We cannot
guarantee how quickly refunds will be made, but the President and Treasurer
will do their best to  get them sent expeditiously.
Please send vouchers directly to Gary Wunder. DO NOT send vouchers to the
State Treasurer they will not be paid nor forwarded to the state President.
Thank you to everyone for their understanding and I am sure we will get
through this together.
Gene Coulter, Convention Coordinator
Ps- Next year let us order out for Pizza or Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!
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