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                  NFB-NEWSLINE® Newsliner BLAST 
                  September 21. 2011
                  Dear fred,  

                  Greetings!  We hope you are enjoying your week, and hope also that you will enjoy learning of two new options for our subscribers.

                  Firstly, we want to let you know about a new calling-in option.  

                  If a local telephone number is not available in your area, you might feel that the only way to access NFB-NEWSLINE® is via the toll-free line. While the toll-free line is always available to our subscribers, we would like to make those of you with unlimited long distance calling plans aware of another way to access our service. If you have an unlimited long-distance calling plan and would be willing to make calls to a local number in another city or state, you can call the NFB-NEWSLINE® service at (646) 600-6969. Calling into this number reduces costs for your sponsor and helps to support the service you love.

                  Please be aware that neither your sponsor nor the National Federation of the Blind will be responsible if any charges are applied to your line as a result of these long-distance calls, so make sure these calls will not result in extra fees. 

                  Would you like to make sure you keep up on news from your state agencies and other entities that affect the lives of the print-disabled in your state? Through your state information channel, NFB-NEWSLINE® helps you keep connected to news from key state agencies and enables you to get other content such as election information, local store circulars, and more. With a new service enhancement, you can now more easily access this information by adding content from the state information channel to your favorites list! Whether you access NFB-NEWSLINE® over the telephone or via online methods, you can choose to place your preferred state information channel into your favorites and get the scoop on state news in a snap! 

                  When adding content from your state information channel, it's important to know that there can be several publication-level content choices, for example, in Illinois you can choose to read the Illinois Information Channel and/or the Illinois Talking Book and Braille Service. Within each of these there are various sections, and within these sections there are articles. For example, currently in Illinois one publication-level content choice is the Guild for the Blind, and a section within that is Adaptive Technology News; in that section are two articles that you can read. As you know, reading information provided under your state information channel is exactly like reading a newspaper. This structure allows for great flexibility in your reading experience. If you haven't checked out your state information channel recently to discover what is available, you may do so by selecting "2" from the main menu.

                  If you use the phone to access NFB-NEWSLINE®, enter the favorites list by selecting "4" from the main menu and press "7" to add a new favorite; once there, navigate to your state by pressing "9" and, following the prompts, select the keys that correspond to the content you wish to add to your favorites. 

                  If you wish to add content from your state information channel to a favorites list for an online access method, you'll want to (after logging in) select the "Manage All Your Favorites" link from the NFB-NEWSLINE® Online Main Menu. Once there, select the access method you want; please note that you can add a new favorite to the phone-access method from here. The easiest way to add content from your state information channel to your favorites is to select the link "Add a publication to your favorites from Publications Organized by State List" and then search for the state name you desire. Once on the Web page listing the content available from a particular state (e.g. Illinois), select the link for the content you desire. If you wish to add a new favorite for the Podable News access method, you can choose to add only that content of particular interest; for example, by selecting the link "Add a Section From Illinois Information Channel to your Podable Subscriptions" you can then view the sections available in the Illinois state information channel, and can choose to only add one section, such as the Hadley School for the Blind.

                  We hope that you enjoy these new service enhancements. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (866) 504-7300.



                  From the NFB-NEWSLINE® Team 

                  (866) 504-7300 
                  nfbnewsline at nfb.org  

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