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Rosina Solano colemangirly at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 5 23:21:54 UTC 2012

Hello all;
Just returned home from Mission Believe weeken 2012.  I am a parent of two boys that participated in this event.  I truly do appreciate the effort that goes into such an event for our students.  I have to let you all know that it does make a difference.  The confidence that my children have compared to what they had before NFB is very measurable.  Both my boys have participated in several NFB of Missouri programs as well as at the national level.  They are different people for it.  My oldest wants to get more involved as he grows and helped recruit for the recent Mission Believe.  They both as well as I are very willing to do interviews and all that would be needed for future endeavors.  I also pledge my assistance in the future.  I am forever grateful for the NFB for not only taking my children into your family, but myself as well.  Stricken with sight as I am, I still feel such a close bond to many of you here in Missouri as well as all over
 the country and even many at headquarters.  I will be with the NFB long after my children are moved out and in their own divisions as long as you all will have me.  
Please know that even on small numbers it does make a difference.  One grows a family one member at a time.  I want to thank everyone who helped to make this possible.
Rosina, Roman and Ethan

Rosina Foster
MOPBC Missouri Parents of Blind Children


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