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Good afternoon and Happy Sunday to all.

How many of you have had questions about Blind Pension.   Who qualifies, what is involved to qualify, any questions what so ever about the lagistics of the program.   My guest on Augest 20 at 7pm will be Kimberly O'Hare.   She is a program Manager for MO Health Net.   She will be able to answer any questions about the make up of blind pension.

Kimberly will not be able to answer any questions about the Law Suite.

I hope that everyone will join us on Monday Augest 20 at 7pm.   All contact information is listed below.

PHONE-   712-432-6100
PIN #-       129081#

If you do not have long distance service give Denny a call at 888-362-1383 and he will conect you to us.

As always thanks to everyone for you support.

Brian L. Hallows
MCB Connect
bhallows at att.net


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