[Nfbmo] FW: An artificial retina with the capacity to restorenormal vision

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This may work for somebody some day but we will never get to benefit from 


Jim Moynihan

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>I did a little more research on Dr. Nirenberg and her work in the
> artificial retina field.   It seems to be legitimate but don't hold  your 
> breath.
> The most important phrase in the article is "Dr. Nirenberg  and her 
> partner
> have applied for a patent through Cornell University.
>    Despite what they say in the article - human trials are  many years
> away.   This is a prime example of the use of science  reporting as a way 
> of
> pressuring the NIH and the patent office to speed up both  funding and 
> patent.
>  This kind of showboating used to be considered  unethical but it's gotten
> pretty common now.
>    I hope this research fulfills it's promise and people  who are in
> danger of losing their vision - or who have a chance to regain it -  will 
> have a
> new, safe and effective option.
>   Thanks for posting this Gail, I hadn't heard of it  before.
> Dan
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> http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/08/120814213326.htm
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