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>> Dear fellow Federationists:
>> As we have been preparing for our informational protests on Saturday, and as Goodwill affiliates have become aware of the protests, many of us have received communications from Goodwill, either directly or indirectly, attempting to counter our arguments about subminimum wage. We thought we would make you aware of these talking points and suggest some responses. Goodwill's messages roughly fall into three broad categories:
>> 1.       Goodwill's spokesmen have said that subminimum wage is one of many tools that can create employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The problem with this argument is that subminimum wage is not an effective tool, as evidenced by the fact that almost no one successfully transitions from sheltered subminimum wage employment to competitive employment, nor are the skills obtained in subminimum wage employment usually transferrable to competitive work. No craftsman continues to use a broken tool to try to build something; the tool is instead removed from the toolbox and replaced with one that works. Goodwill cannot and does not build any opportunities with the broken tool of subminimum wage employment.
>> 2.       Some Goodwill affiliates have said that the NFB is simply lying, because that particular Goodwill affiliate does not pay workers subminimum wages. According to a statement put out by Goodwill's national office, 64 of its 165 affiliates pay subminimum wages to workers with disabilities. The NFB applauds those affiliates that do not pay subminimum wages, but this protest is not primarily about any individual Goodwill affiliate or whether it does or does not pay subminimum wages. The protests seek to bring attention to Goodwill's national policy of supporting the exemption contained in Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Goodwill Industries International, Inc. clearly supports the payment of subminimum wages, and even statements from the affiliates that are not paying subminimum wages have generally supported Section 14(c). Until Goodwill, at the national level, is willing to change its policies and advocate for the repeal of Section 14(c), it is and will remain a focus of our advocacy.
>> 3.       Some Goodwill affiliates have argued that subminimum wage payment is a national issue about which Goodwill's national office and the NFB's national office are in contact. This is simply not true. The president and CEO of Goodwill had a single meeting with Dr. Maurer, and that meeting only occurred after media attention was brought to the payment of subminimum wages by Goodwill. At that meeting, the Goodwill official made it clear that Goodwill's policies would not change, and we have had no communication with Goodwill's national office since that meeting occurred.
>> The payment of subminimum wages is an unfair, discriminatory, and immoral practice, and that fact cannot be obscured by any amount of smooth-sounding rhetoric or deliberate obfuscation. As we march on Saturday, and as we talk with our friends, family, and the media about this subject, let us continue to focus on that fundamental fact.
>> Sincerely:
>> Chris Danielsen
>> Director of Public Relations
>> National Federation of the Blind
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