[Nfbmo] Honestly

Gene Coulter escoulter at centurytel.net
Thu Feb 2 02:13:08 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone,
Please forward this information to absolutely anyone who might be coming to 
the 50th State convention of the Missouri affiliate of the National 
Federation of the Blind especially those not on this list or coming from out 
of state!
Believe it or not the deadline for making hotel reservations is fast 
approaching. If you want to take advantage of our special room rates you 
need to get on the phone and call the Holiday Inn Southeast Coco Key now 
1-816-737-0200. In the past we have been lucky that I have gotten extensions 
to the deadline but I wouldn’t count on it this year as they have said no 
extensions. As always I’ll see if they  will change their mind. The rates I 
have been quoted outside of our block is $126.00 a night plus tax. that is a 
bit more than $75.00 a night plus tax.
So, honestly I don’t want anyone to either miss convention or pay the higher 
rate so please reserve now. I would reserve even if there is only a 25% 
chance you will make it as no hole will be put on your card until the 
scheduled arrival date and you can cancel until 4:00 the day before you are 
scheduled to arrive.
Please spread the word far and wide!

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