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This issue is important for all of us.

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JEFFERSON CITY  • A $28 million Medicaid program for the blind would be eliminated and the money shifted to higher education under a recommendation made

by a Missouri House appropriations committee today. 


The proposal, which now goes to the House Budget Committee, is apt to cause a political stir. Even former Gov. Matt Blunt's 2005 Medicaid cuts didn't touch

aid for the blind, who have been covered under a special part of Missouri's Medicaid program since at least 1967. 


The amendment was offered by Rep. Tom Flanigan, R-Carthage and chairman of the House Health, Mental Health and Social Services Appropriations Committee.



No mention was made at the meeting that the special health care program for the blind would end. The amendment was worded in a technical fashion, citing

dollars and page numbers. When asked by Rep. Jeanne Kirkton, D-Webster Groves, to explain the impact, Flanigan declined. 


"It was like a kangaroo court," Kirkton said later. 


The Post-Dispatch could not reach Flanigan for comment. He told the Columbia Daily Tribune that his goal was to shift about $65 million from the social

services budget to higher education. 


In addition to cutting the program for the blind, Flanigan's amendment cut about $12 million from subsidized child care and lesser amounts from other social



Combined with $40 million from a national mortgage settlement that Gov. Jay Nixon wants to use on higher education, the savings from social services would

allow the Legislature to reinstate this year's level of funding for the state's public colleges and universities. 


Because the blind aren't held to income standards, the state can't draw federal matching funds for their care. The state picks up the entire health care

tab for about 2,858 people on the Blind Pension Fund and Supplemental Aid to the Blind. 


Deborah Greider, a St. Louis attorney who represents the Missouri Council of the Blind, said the proposed budget cut "would be a terrible dilemma for these

vulnerable people, to be left with no ready access to medical care." 


The budget amendment does not change the monthly cash benefits - called pensions -- distributed to people who are at least 18 years old and are totally

blind. That money comes from a small statewide property tax.    


Virginia Young

is the Post-Dispatch Jefferson City bureau chief. For updates on Missouri politics and the legislative session, follow her on Twitter 






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