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Thanks sir.


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you can obtain which members are assigned to various committees but you then
have to piece together the remaining info desired like district, party,
phone # and room # from the general list.
here is the info combined for the appropriations committee we are concerned

Health, Mental Health, and Social Services    

member district party phone room

Flanigan, Tom 127 Republican 573-751-5458 412C
Lichtenegger, Donna 157 Republican 573-751-6662 403B
Allen, Sue 92 Republican 573-751-9765 310
Atkins, Bert 75 Democrat 573-751-9760 116-4
Curtman, Paul 105 Republican 573-751-3776 405B
Ellinger, Rory 72 Democrat 573-751-4265 109E
Franklin, Diane 155 Republican 573-751-1119 400CA
Grisamore, Jeff 47 Republican 573-751-1456 205
Kirkton, Jeanne 91 Democrat 573-751-1285 135BC
White, Bill 129 Republican 573-751-3791 406A
Zerr, Anne 18 Republican 573-751-3717 300

Bryan Schulz

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  (Gary please distribute)
  For those going to Jefferson City here are some talking points on the 
  proposal to take Medicaid away from blind persons. For those not going
  the capital switchboard at 573-751-2151 and ask to speak with your 
  legislator. Due to re-districting you should also call and ask to speak to

  members near you as they could become your legislator. If you don't know
  your legislator is you can find out on the web. For house members  the 
  website is house.mo.gov and senate is senate is senate.mo.gov. The house 
  appropriations committee is due to meet this week on this item.
  Regarding Medicaid being eliminated from the benefits for Blind Persons
  are some  possible talking points.
  *Most people receiving medicaid as blind persons are on fixed income 
  therefore paying medical costs out of pocket would be totally devastating 
  whether or not they have access to other coverage.
  * Many  blind persons have other conditions  such as diabetes which
  expensive drugs that even with Medicare Part D would be impossible to pay.
  *There are people on medicaid who have no other health coverage  which
  result in the Emergency Room becoming their primary source of health care 
  creating a financial burden on  either the patient or the hospital if the 
  patient were unable to pay.
  *Even if a person went out and got private insurance when Medicaid ended 
  the pre-existing condition clause could make the policy  virtually
  as the policy likely would not cover their eye condition or diabetes

  *Even though  blind persons receiving Medicaid are generally low income 
  their income and assets are just high enough that they are not eligible
  regular Medicaid under another program. 
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