[Nfbmo] 2013 State Convention

Gene Coulter escoulter at centurytel.net
Sat Feb 25 02:18:50 UTC 2012

I know it seems early to be talking about the 2013 state convention but 
there is no choice  in order to get best hotel and best deal. St. Joseph, 
Jefferson City, and Columbia are always the most difficult as they have 
fewer choices and as a result their rates tend to be higher.
For 2013 if we can work out the minute details we will return to the Capital 
Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City. Because of space considerations the 
convention will be April 11 – 14. We were not willing to do it the last 
weekend in March as that is Easter and  the weekends before and after Easter 
the hotel did not have enough space. Our rates will be $79.00 a night. Meals 
will remain about the same as this year and we can still bring in food on 
Friday evening to hospitality. We have 3 meeting rooms from  9:00 in the 
morning to 11:00 pm on Friday.
In March and April of 2012 the hotel will replace it’s elevators. And, in 
August the hotel will totally refurbish the guest rooms spending $1.8 
million to do so.
I will update this at convention.
Gene Coulter 

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