[Nfbmo] Jana Moynihan

James Moynihan jamesmmoynihan at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 16:14:55 UTC 2012

Fellow Federationists

Jana Moynihan passed away one year ago today.  As Rita Lynch told me you are never prepared when your spouse dies even when your spouse has been critically ill for a long time. 

Jeanene, J. C.,Sam,  and Kristen visited the cemetery yesterday and put flowers on Jana's grave.    Christopher could not go with us because he had to work.  . Sam got to see his grandmother for the first time.    Jana is looking down on all of us.

I want to thank the people who went to Jana's funeral and gave their support for me and my family.  Gary Wunder gave a wonderful eulogyI will do my best to live up to Jana's wonderful example.


Jim Moynihan.    

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