[Nfbmo] Board Meeting and St. L's Meeting Directions

Chris cktisdal at charter.net
Thu Jun 14 22:10:56 UTC 2012

Hey Everyone,

Here is to everyone having a safe and wonderful trip tomorrow!!!

St. Louis Chapter Direction
You have two routes you may go:

Take Hwy. 270 south to Hwy. 40/64 and go east(go toward St. Louis City) to Brentwood, (should be a right turn).  Go south for about a mile to Manchester, turn left and the right into the parking lot.

If you want to miss the traffic on Hwy. 270 then try this:

Take Dorsett east, (left turn off Old Dorsett) to Limburg also old Hwy. 67, then turn right on Lindbergh to Hwy. 40/64 to Brentwood and south to Manchester.  Left turn, then right turn into parking.

Should probably take about 25 to 30 minutes.

Board Meeting on Saturday
Location: 1401 N. Hanley

Take Dorsett east, (left turn on Dorsett), cross over Lindbergh which turns into Midland Rd. and follow it until you get to N. Hanley.  Turn right and top of the hill is the Church, look for big sign saying St. Lutharn Church
Should take about 30 minutes.

Need any help call me at 314-440-1684.

Lunches for non-board members is $6.


Chris Tisdal

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