[Nfbmo] Blind Medical Health Care update

Gene Coulter escoulter at centurytel.net
Tue May 1 17:48:10 UTC 2012

On April 30 the House refused to accept the Senate amendments to the 
appropriations bill for the Department of Social Services (HB 2011) which 
contains the provision to provide Health Care for persons getting Blind 
pension. Therefore a conference committee will be appointed half from the 
Senate and half from the House. Rep. Silvey  is the bill’s initial sponsor 
so he will undoubtably be on the committee.
I spoke with Rep. Kelly’s office and two important things are happening. The 
Conference committee will be appointed today. and secondly, the conference 
will meet and the bill will be voted on this   week by the full House and 
Senate.  We will not have much time to act at all once the committee is 
appointed; but act we must.
Until we are able to get the list of the conference committee members 
everyone should perioically check House.MO.gov and do a bill search for 
HB2011 and there should be a place where members of the Conference  will be 
listed once the committee is formed. Email and call and have friends, 
neighbors, and enemies call on our behalf.

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